HortiQ makes quality visible


20 December 2022
Ridder ontvangt HortiQ-certificaat

Ridder was presented with the HortiQ certificate by HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters on 20 December. This means that the Dutch company (which also has several facilities across the globe) complies with this quality system for horticultural technology and equipment. Brigitte Nugteren, Operational Director at Ridder, comments: “Thanks to the HortiQ certificate, our customers know that we take quality just as seriously as they do.”

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13 December 2022
MK Kunststof Techniek earns HortiQ-certification

Dutch-based plastics manufacturer MK Kunststof Techniek has announced its manufacturing process, organisation and core products have been succesfully certified as meeting HortiQ standards.

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21 November 2022
Horconex receives HortiQ certificate

On Monday 21 November, HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters presented Horconex with the HortiQ certificate. This means that the Dutch company (which also has locations in France) complies with this quality system for horticultural technology and equipment. Jeroen Heemskerk, financial director at Horconex, comments: “For Horconex, the HortiQ certificate is confirmation that the greenhouses we supply meet the industry standards. We already knew that, but the HortiQ certificate now also proves it.”

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7 July 2022
Genap receives HortiQ certificate

Today, Genap has officially been awarded the HortiQ certificate by HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters. Genap is the first specialist in plastic film structures to comply with this quality system for horticultural technology and equipment. Dick van Regteren, director/owner of Genap: “The HortiQ certificate will allow us to demonstrate to our network that quality is a top priority for us.”

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2 December 2021
Kemeling receives HortiQ quality label

Kemeling has received the HortiQ certificate from the hands of chairman Harm Maters of HortiQ. The Westland company is the nineteenth company to meet the independent quality system. Robert Kemeling, director at Kemeling: "With the HortiQ certificate we can guarantee the quality of our products." Harm Maters chair of HortiQ: "With this certificate Kemeling also shows its focus on top quality in horticulture."

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11 November 2021
HortiQ Next Level, an end-to-end quality label for the greenhouse technology sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the worldwide food supply even more firmly in the spotlight. Research shows that the global demand for high-tech greenhouses will continue to grow strongly over the next five years. In order to further improve its ability to meet that demand, it is important that the Dutch greenhouse technology sector reinforces its international reputation for quality.

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18 February 2021
Stolze focuses on top quality and is awarded HortiQ quality label

‘By obtaining the HortiQ certificate, we have taken another step towards the further professionalisation and standardisation of processes in our organisation. This enables us to work together more efficiently,’ says Rutger Razenberg, hydraulic engineering manager at Stolze, who was presented with the HortiQ certificate. Stolze is the eighteenth company to be awarded the HortiQ quality label. This confirms how well they organise and manage their processes.

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