HortiQ makes quality visible


HortiQ Next Level, an end-to-end quality label for the greenhouse technology sector

On Thursday 11 November, six prominent builders of turnkey greenhouses – in conjunction with HortiQ – approved the roll-out of the HortiQ Next Level quality plan in 2022. They will take the lead in working on HortiQ-certified end-to-end value chains, in which multiple links in the supply chain are covered by the HortiQ quality label.

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Stolze focuses on top quality and is awarded HortiQ quality label

February 23. By obtaining the HortiQ certificate, we have taken another step towards the further professionalisation and standardisation of processes in our organisation. This enables us to work together more efficiently,’ says Rutger Razenberg, hydraulic engineering manager at Stolze.

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Havecon receives HortiQ certificate

On Thursday 27 June, Havecon received the HortiQ mark of quality from AVAG chairman Harm Maters. Havecon has become the 17th company to achieve HortiQ certification, which demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to quality.

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Addy Breugem, Thanet Earth: “Introductie HortiQ Hagelunie heeft geleid tot betere kas met meer zekerheid” Het kwaliteitskeurmerk van de Nederlandse tuinbouwtechnologiesector HortiQ en verzekeraar Hagelunie introduceren gezamenlijk het HortiQ Hagelunie combiproduct voor de internationale glastuinbouw.

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Svensson and Elektravon Haket receive HortiQ mark of quality

“We’re an international player in the world of horticulture. HortiQ provides a tangible demonstration of quality, and that’s particularly beneficial when the physical distances are so great,” says Remko Noordermeer, who accepted the HortiQ certificate on behalf of Svensson on Monday 10 December. Elektravon Haket also received a certificate. Roelof Haket: “We’ve noticed that our customers want certainty. We can give them that certainty by proving that the design and the execution of the technical systems comply with the relevant standards.”

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New website HortiQ

The HortiQ Foundation is launching the new website www.hortiq.nl today. On this user-friendly website visitors can find everything about the quality certificate of greenhouse horticulture.