Stolze focuses on top quality and is awarded HortiQ quality label

‘By obtaining the HortiQ certificate, we have taken another step towards the further professionalisation and standardisation of processes in our organisation. This enables us to work together more efficiently,’ says Rutger Razenberg, hydraulic engineering manager at Stolze, who was presented with the HortiQ certificate. Stolze is the eighteenth company to be awarded the HortiQ quality label. This confirms how well they organise and manage their processes.

‘Now that Stolze has been awarded the HortiQ certificate too, we can continue building an excellent quality image in the domain "engineering & cultivation" and be able to operate in the national and international greenhouse technology cluster,’ explains Harm Maters, chair of HortiQ. The HortiQ certificate was developed to keep the level of the greenhouse technology sector as high as possible. ‘With this certificate, Stolze also emphasises its focus on top quality,’ says Maters.

Stringent requirements

A certificate is awarded to companies whose internal processes, organisation and quality of the product have been audited by KIWA. The requirements are based on the NEN standards and the standards that are recorded in three quality manuals. These books have been drawn up by the Quality for Installations Netherlands Foundation (KivNL). Carel van Ruijven – operational manager Stolze: ‘The certificate ensures that we can safeguard the quality of our installations and promote this externally as well. In this way, we work on our leading market position, both nationally and internationally.’ ‘The recent Rabobank study relating to horticulture suppliers again emphasised the importance of safeguarding quality for international investors to be able to retain the top position in the Netherlands,’ says Harm Maters.

Independent quality

The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse builders, installation companies and other technical suppliers to the horticultural sector. The HortiQ certificate is used by the technical industry and horticulture in both the national and international market.

Besides the company mentioned, the other companies with a HortiQ certificate are Alcomij, Bosman Van Zaal, Certhon, Dalsem, Enthoven Elektrotechniek, Elektravon Haket, Gakon Horticultural Projects, Havecon, Hoogendoorn, Kubo, PB Tec, Snelder, Svensson, Van der Hoeven Horticultural projects, Van Dijk Heating, Vyverberg Greenhousing and Zantingh.
Any businesses that are interested in the independent quality mark can register via