HortiQ makes quality visible

HortiQ Certificate

If a greenhouse or installation has a HortiQ Certificate, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality. A HortiQ Certificate is an approved quality standard from an independent organisation. A HortiQ Certificate is evidence of a high level of expertise as well as providing a guarantee that a company works in accordance with clear procedures and criteria throughout the design and construction of a high-tech greenhouse or installation.

Independent Quality system

The HortiQ quality system is intended for greenhouse construction companies, installers or other horticulture sector suppliers.

Certified companies are assessed by an independent certification body (KIWA) based on official assessment directives (BRL). The HortiQ Certificate is only awarded following a positive assessment from the certification body; a system that safeguards quality system objectivity.

If a greenhouse or installation has a HortiQ Certificate you can be certain that it meets the high standards developed jointly by greenhouse builders, installers, knowledge institutes and insurers. All standards are verifiable and transparent. 

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Why choose HortiQ?

Energy, thermal energy storage, robotics and climate technology innovations are taking place at an incredible pace. Couple this with the significant investments involved in greenhouse construction and it becomes clear how vital a transparent quality system is.

Investors in a new greenhouse or installation need a guarantee that it has been designed and built according to objective standards. HortiQ offers this guarantee.
HortiQ certified companies comply with clear procedures and criteria throughout the construction and installation of a greenhouse.

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Quality & Continuity

HortiQ and Hagelunie have joined forces to offer you that welcome combination of quality and assurance prior to, during and following construction of a sustainable greenhouse.

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