HortiQ; Certified workmanship


Today’s (greenhouse) horticulture projects are becoming bigger and more complex. Purchasing a new greenhouse involves huge investments and the greenhouse needs to last at least fifteen to twenty years. So it’s important to know who you’re working with when you choose your project partner.

Look for a certified company


Transparent and reliable

Greenhouse builders and installers who work in accordance with the HortiQ quality system know what they’re doing. They will deliver a greenhouse that meets all your specifications and will offer you certainty in many areas, including:

  • The greenhouse will perform in accordance with the agreed construction, light level, energy consumption and water supply criteria
  • The greenhouse and installation design and construction process is transparent
  • There are verifiable standards to which the greenhouse and installations must comply
  • Clear procedures have been agreed should the process run differently than expected.

'HortiQ certified expertise. You know what you're getting'