Independent & Objective

About HortiQ

HortiQ was established in 2009 to provide guarantees for greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs and investors that greenhouse construction, heating and irrigation systems are constructed and installed according to objective and verifiable quality standards. 


Our HortiQ team of professionals works hard towards quality improvements within the (greenhouse) horticulture sector. They make quality assessment transparent and visible to enable clear and transparent assessment of quality, processes, services and/or products within horticulture technology. HortiQ does not provide the certification itself. Reviews and assessments are carried out by independent certification institute, KIWA.

HortiQ board

The Board comprises various sector certificate holders, representatives and stakeholders. 

Hans van der Salm - Havecon - President
Annie van de Riet - AVAG
Bart Stengs – Achmea
Peter Spaans - Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects
Martin Helmich - Hoogendoorn
Bert van Ruijven - Arcadia
Arjan Flikweert - CombiCoop

HortiQ secretary's office
Annelies Hanemaaijer -Office manager
Lianne Berkhoudt - Communicatie


Our partners


Kiwa is a fast-growing international knowledge organisation specialising in certification, technology, training and testing.
All available knowledge and experience is coordinated via the Kiwa expertise centres, ensuring that your query or problem is handled quickly by the most appropriate experts.

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IMC-consultants specialises in process and product certification. We ensure that risk management becomes part of your business operations. Our strengths? We recommend the best approach for your company and implement this too.

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IMR is an agency that has specialised in quality, safety and environment for 20 years. Whether this concerns advice on legislation and regulations, certification or on-site Emergency Response Team training, IMR will think outside the box, supporting entrepreneurs to reach a higher level.

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Hagelunie is a leading Dutch insurance company specialising in horticulture and crops and, as a result of its cutting-edge expertise, operates globally. Our progressive approach is based on sound partnerships to build smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity.

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AVAG is the initiator of the HortiQ quality system.

Representing common interests is key at AVAG, as well as offering support to its members in the following areas:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation

AVAG-affiliated suppliers guarantee high-quality solutions, tailored according to market and climate.

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We are an open knowledge club. Curious and enthusiastic. We provide professionals with expert knowledge. And not just knowledge, but the know-how needed to put this into practice. This knowledge is 100% reliable and is a perfect match for your project or problem. Because that’s the reason for contacting ISSO. You want to progress, learn more, solve your problem. Be more sustainable, future-proof, safer, more competent. Better.

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InstallQ is the central installation sector service desk for quality schemes.

Independent foundation InstallQ aims for safe and high-quality installations and achieves this through quality schemes. It uses these schemes to monitor installations that are used daily in the Netherlands.

To achieve its goal, InstallQ develops and manages a wide range of quality schemes for the entire installation sector, approves installers and companies, and provides information on certificates.

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