Genap receives HortiQ certificate

Today, Genap has officially been awarded the HortiQ certificate by HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters. Genap is the first specialist in plastic film structures to comply with this quality system for horticultural technology and equipment. Dick van Regteren, director/owner of Genap: “The HortiQ certificate will allow us to demonstrate to our network that quality is a top priority for us.”

As projects are getting bigger in size and scale, they are also becoming more technically complex. At the same time, clients are increasingly looking for turnkey solutions and for transparency about quality. Therefore, HortiQ worked together with six leading greenhouse construction companies last year to launch the Dutch integral HortiQ certificate: an independent and objective quality system for Dutch greenhouse builders, installation companies and other suppliers of technology and equipment to the horticultural sector.

Genap is the first specialist in plastic film structures to receive the HortiQ certificate. “Thankfully, demonstrable quality is receiving ever-more attention in the international horticultural industry,” comments Dick van Regteren, director/owner of Genap. “We see evidence of that amongst our customers, some of whom are already HortiQ-certified. The HortiQ certificate enables you to show that you are serious about quality and can uphold certain standards. Moreover, the certificate proves that you are one of the frontrunners in the international horticultural sector. I hope that more companies from within our network will register for HortiQ.”

The Dutch horticultural sector has a very impressive reputation around the world. “A certificate like HortiQ is very valuable in the expanding national and international market, and a Dutch integral certificate helps to further enhance the quality-oriented reputation of the Netherlands. Therefore, it is a very positive development that Genap has now followed in the footsteps of the other companies that are already certified,” states HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters.

A HortiQ certificate is a guarantee to customers that the supplier works in line with clear procedures and criteria. Before the certificate is awarded, a company’s internal processes, organisation and product quality are all independently assessed by Kiwa. The assessment criteria are based on the NEN standards as well as the standards that are defined in quality manuals. Van Regteren continues: “At Genap, we already complied with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems because we are active in other sectors besides horticulture. That was an advantage for us in the case of HortiQ, because it is partly based on the ISO standards.”

About HortiQ

The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse construction companies,
installation companies and other suppliers of technology to the horticultural sector. The HortiQ certificate is used by the technology industry and horticultural sector in both the national and international market.
Besides Genap, the other HortiQ-certified companies are Alcomij, Bosman Van Zaal, Certhon, Dalsem, Enthoven Techniek, Elektravon Haket , Gakon Horticultural Projects, Havecon, Hoogendoorn, Kemeling Kunststoffen, Kubo, PB Tec, Snelder, Stolze, Svensson, Van der Hoeven Horticultural projects, Van Dijk Heating, Vyverberg Greenhousing and Zantingh.
Companies that are interested in obtaining this independent certificate can send an email to