Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, along with its subsidiary Patron Agri Systems, continues to set the standard for quality in the horticultural industry.

Since the establishment of HortiQ, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects has had a close relationship with the foundation, and these additional certifications further confirm the dedication of Van der Hoeven and Patron Agri Systems to the highest standards of quality in horticulture. 

"With projects becoming increasingly large-scale and growing demands from investors in terms of quality and certifications, this milestone strengthens our position as a dependable key player in the industry. As the Van der Hoeven Group, we are delighted with the expansion of our certificates; this marks a crucial step in further professionalizing our company and is essential to maintain leadership in the sector," said Menno van den Brink.

The BRL8000 and BRL8001 certificates, issued by HortiQ, confirm that Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects and Patron Agri Systems meet strict quality standards and protocols within the horticultural industry.

About HortiQ

HortiQ is a leading certification system in the horticultural sector dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in the industry. The certificate confirms that products and processes meet strict, measurable standards set out in the ISSO manuals, which, in turn, align with legal regulations and internationally recognized standards.

The in-depth technical expertise required in horticulture demands a quality system tailored to these needs. HortiQ precisely provides that, making the HortiQ certificate highly valuable for companies in the sector.

HortiQ has two major certifications: BRL8000, focused on greenhouse structures, water installations, and heating systems, and BRL8001, for supporting products and services in the greenhouse horticulture sector. These certifications provide insight into the standards and principles applied in the design and installation of systems in horticulture. With a total of twenty-six companies now possessing these certificates, HortiQ remains a market leader in ensuring the highest standards in the horticultural sector.