Horconex receives HortiQ certificate

On Monday 21 November, HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters presented Horconex with the HortiQ certificate. This means that the Dutch company (which also has locations in France) complies with this quality system for horticultural technology and equipment. Jeroen Heemskerk, financial director at Horconex, comments: “For Horconex, the HortiQ certificate is confirmation that the greenhouses we supply meet the industry standards. We already knew that, but the HortiQ certificate now also proves it.”

As projects are getting bigger in both size and scale, they are also becoming more technically complex. At the same time, clients are increasingly looking for turnkey solutions and for transparency about quality. HortiQ has therefore worked together with six leading greenhouse construction companies to launch the Dutch integral HortiQ certificate: an independent and objective quality system for Dutch greenhouse construction companies, installation companies and other suppliers of technology and equipment to the horticultural sector. To date, 21 companies involved in greenhouse construction and horticultural technology and equipment have been awarded the HortiQ certificate.

‘Confirmation of high quality’

Horconex was founded in 1986 and has locations both in the Netherlands (in the town of Poeldijk) and in France. The company delivers complete horticultural projects. Jeroen Heemskerk explains: “We offer total solutions for high-tech greenhouse facilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most appropriate, most cost-efficient and most effective solutions in line with the motto ‘Once a Horconex customer, always a Horconex customer’. We have built up a broad and loyal client base in Europe over the years.”

In this context, it is important to be able to consistently deliver proven quality, continues Heemskerk: “We already worked to a high standard of quality, but thanks to HortiQ and ISO we have now further anchored it in our approach. These certifications not only give us extra impetus to continuously improve what we do, but are also a confirmation for both ourselves and our customers of our high standard of quality.”

HortiQ Chairman Harm Maters states: “A certificate like HortiQ is very valuable in the growing national and international market, and an integral Dutch certificate helps to further enhance the Netherlands’ quality-oriented reputation. Therefore, it is a very positive development that Horconex – a leading supplier of turnkey projects – has now joined the other certified companies.”